Create a story with a lesson – ‘Sincere Apology’

In the last post we looked at the neurological process of apologising and why it’s difficult for a child of 4-5 years of age to do so.   Now let’s see how we can create a story that could help a child to get to the point of sincerely apologising. First, we need to know whyContinue reading “Create a story with a lesson – ‘Sincere Apology’”

Why we all need stories – especially children!

The world is an infinitely complex place with infinitely complex people and social structures. Learning how to build relationships with others, self-discovery, dealing with problems and trauma, experiencing pain and grief, succeeding in careers or hobbies, raising families, the list of complex issues goes on and on.   All of this is experienced while living inContinue reading “Why we all need stories – especially children!”

Music, lyrics and stories – A little bit about me.

 “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato. Music was my first love. My parents were big music fans and introduced me to the sounds of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and my mother’s all time favourite, Elvis Presley.  It’s no wonder I developed a love for the sound ofContinue reading “Music, lyrics and stories – A little bit about me.”